A new studio business model, where production is driven by the visual effects artists and lean business practices, the latest innovations in information technology, and the best talent are combined to offer a better-than-Hollywood independent film production experience.

Splinter Studios

Founded by creative visionary, technology innovator, and inventor Dean Lyon, Splinter Studios dares to envision a drastically different model where waste is eliminated and independent, profitable features are produced for less money. At Splinter, our model is aimed at increasing the profit margin and not only the revenue. How will we do this?



The future is now

Not only do we have a number of in-house scripts and concepts we’re developing between projects, but we’re also continually working to line up new projects and to build new partnerships. We’re currently working with:


Filmagine - A next-generation sales and distribution company with a slate of 10+ projects and the ability to attract dozens more. We’ve partnered with them and we’ll be involved with each of their upcoming projects, including feature films and TV series.

Jamaica Film Partners - We’ve established a partnership to produce several Caribbean-themed feature film projects with the support of the Jamaican government and the Caribbean Counsel.

HB Productions - We’ve formed a partnership with this Colombian filmmaker, whose goal is to bring projects from all over South America, including commercials, TV shows, and feature films, to the U.S.

FateInc - A production company based in Hawaii and Florida with a slate of projects in TV and film they want to partner with us to produce.