With decades of experience in the film industry, working with cutting-edge directors, multiple studios, production and post-production companies, and technology developers from around the world, we have developed meaningful professional relationships.

Our Team

Dean Lyon – CEO and VisionaryDean Lyon

Dean has 25+ years experience in collaborating with cutting edge directors, studios, production companies, post-production facilities and technology developers throughout the world.  He is passionate about the potential of technology to transform the art of visual story-telling.

 Dean's career has included roles as Producer, Director, Visual Effects Supervisor and CEO, leading innovative work in diverse areas as motion pictures, music videos, commercials, interactive TV, theme park attractions and VFX/CGI.

 Lyon has excelled in Visual Effects; including pioneering Computer Graphics for film and TV, stints at Boss Film Studio, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Computer Film Company (CFC), da Vinci Systems, and more recently creating several start-up company ventures.

 In 2000, Dean journeyed to New Zealand and led the start-up of Oktobor – where he was instrumental in their growth and success for 5 years.  Best-known for high-end television commercials, Oktobor made international news with their contribution to Peter Jackson's highly lauded "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy. Lyon received credits on all three films as a Visual Effects Supervisor.

Lyon was elected to the Visual Effects Society (VES) in Hollywood in 2004 for recognition of his work on the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy (VFX Supervisor, Oktobor), and VFX Supervisor roles on “Without a Paddle”, “Spooked” and “Bogeyman”
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James Fancher – CSO and Technologist James Fancher

Jim Fancher has been involved in developing next generation technology for film industry giants such as Deluxe Digital Media, Thomson Corporate Research and Technicolor Creative Services for over 20 years. Jim created the Commercial, Sound and Film divisions of Pacific Ocean Post (POP). "Independence Day" and "What Dreams May Come" both won Academy Awards for Visual Effects with POP as the main VFX contributor.

Jim was responsible for developing Technicolor's Digital Intermediate Color Grading pipeline which led the way as Hollywood's premier facility for feature film finishing starting in 2004 with the feature film The Aviator. By 2005, Jim had pushed the pipeline to include 3D grading and finishing, an area where Technicolor still handles a majority of 3D feature films.

He has developed cluster computing architectures for image processing, 3D color correction systems, and digital asset management technology. He has also been involved in the development of color management technology and systems.

An alumnus of Princeton University, Jim holds patents in 3D technology, film anti-piracy, and film archiving. He has been a member of SMPTE since 1974 and is currently Chair of the Display Subcommittee for the American Society of Cinematographers Technology Committee.

Tony Forrest – 3D Artist, AnimatorTony Forrest

Tony Forrest is a Florida native who grew up in Hollywood and Miami. He attended DMAC (Digital Media Arts College) in Boca Raton where he completed his Master of Fine Arts degree in animation and digital special effects. He is our accomplished 3D artist, illustrator and animator, and is well versed in Maya, Nuke, Vue and Toon Boom.

Tony is a well traveled globe trotter, having served in the US Coast Guard, NATO and as a flight attendant for PanAm (now American Airlines).





Aaron Glover – CTO and Software ArchitectAaron Glover

Aaron has been involved with customer-focused software project management for the last 14 years, including being one of the three founders of a software and ASP startup company, Dejar International Ltd.


After servicing high-profile clients such as Hong Kong Telecom and Telstra Clear as a director of the company for almost ten years, Aaron participated in the subsequent execution of the exit strategy. This involved the acquisition of the company and successful public listing of the parent organization, Solution Dynamics Ltd, (SDL.NZ).


In 2005, Aaron left his position as Chief Software Architect with SDL to start a software and IT consultancy, Friode, with film/video industry clients such as Silverscreen Productions, Oktobor, Spool Media, BoxRocket Animation, La Luna Studios and Photon VFX.

In addition, Aaron was a co-founder of the ‘Studio of the Future’, a full content studio company with a large technology innovation component and ‘CineGlue’, a servicing and technology company dedicated to transitioning traditional filmmaking to Digital Acquisition. Aaron was responsible for software and IP development, with a particular emphasis on workflow optimization and data management for CineGlue.

DK Ryan – VFX Flame/Smoke ArtistDK

David Ryan , aka ‘dk’ has been in the film industry for over 20 years.  His career started in Hollywood CA where he honed his craft working for the top visual effect supervisors and directors in the business. His experience has spanned every aspect of industry work creating both practical and digital effect for feature films and even local TV ads.  

Moving to GA in 2001 dk continued the journey by working in the top post houses in Atlanta where he brought the southern producers visions to life.  He is often quoted saying…”the best effects are the effect you don’t see. The effect needs to blend seamless into the story.”  

As a master Flame VFX artist he is never content.  “A shot is never done until you believe it.”